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Frequently Asked Questions :

If you are unable to find the answer you want in the FAQ section, do email us at techsupport@webnow.com.my.

Is there any different between Webnow and other website builder?
Yes. Webnow is a package subsidized by MSC e-business Anchor Unit, where each qualified subscriber no need to pay to build their own website, with getting extra bonus giving by Interbase Resources Sdn. Bhd.

Why am I need to sign-up Webnow?
Webnow builds you a website with all basic features in the most economic way, together with other extra bonus given which worth RM1268.

Am I qualified to subscribe this package?
You must be a local non-ICT SME, an active and legal business entity (Sdn.Bhd.), and does not have any website prior to subscribing this package.

How to apply this package?
You can click HERE to download the form, and submit to us via fax (03-8060 8528) or come to our office at 2-3,3rd flr,Jln Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Selangor. You need to attach Form 9,24 and 29 with the application. Please call us at 03-8060 2528 for further enquiry.

Would you charged any annual fees or other hidden costs applied?
Yes, we call it renewal fees. However, final decision is still up to you, the site owner, whether you want to renew or cancel after 1 year. Renewal Fees is still RM249.00 (if .com), RM289.00 (if .com.my), however, it will not inlcude Lelong Store for renewal.

How do I know whether I am qualified to subscribe this package?
All application form and document attached will be sent to MSC E-business Anchor Unit for approval. We will notify each applicant for successful application.

What's the purpose of this project ?
The main purpose is to encourage more Non ICT SME to go online and start up a basic business website. Malaysia company are losing in this area across Asia and yes, we are far more behind, thus, this project is to get more company to aware the benefits of creating Web Presence and we will hand held them.

What's your commitment ?
Other than the requirement, the successful candidate must have at least 5 pages of information, ranging from Contact us, About Us, Products and Services.
What do you mean by Non ICE SME ?
As long as you are not running a business in the following industry : Internet, Computer or Telecommunication industry, you are qualified to apply. However, final decision still pending on MSC E-business Unit.

Why Only 45 Companies ?
Yes, as this is the first phase of the project, thus, it need to be successfully run before more company can participate in this project in future, at the same time, this are subsidized projects. Funds are  limited.

Thus, only 45 Lucky company can participate, first come first serve basis.
What do I need to submit after signing up ?
After filling up the application form, you have to attached one of the following , Form 9, 24 and Form 49.

You can fax the form to 03-8060 8528

Is there any annual fees ?
Yes, we call it renewal fees. However, final decision is still up to you, the site owner, whether you want to renew or cancel after 1 year.

Renewal Fees is still RM249.00 (if .com), RM289.00 (if .com.my).


How big space I can get ?
1. 1000B Web and Email Space
2. Flexible space allocation between web and email space
3. 30GB data transfer per year

What' if I don't have any knowledge in website building and maintaining ?
You do not need the knowledge, as long as you or any of your administrative personnel can use Microsoft Word, they can then easily creating the site, updating info. 2-4 hours of Training are included for all successful candidate.
What Do You mean "Must Not Have a Website Before"?
Yes, this project are target NON ICT company which have not built any website before. However, if you already have domain name for your e-mail, that's fine as long as you never created any website for this domain name.
What's Webnow and Why ?
With Webnow, you do not required any know or any web designer, you can get your website up in less than 3 minutes and start having your web presence !

1. Select Template (Over hundreds of templates)
2. Enter Information
3. Save and Publish.
4. Your site is live !

Yes, that's really easy, as long as you know how to use Microsoft Word.

Try Out Demo Now !!

What If I have my domain name, can then have it pointed to my site in WebNow ?
Yes,  if you have the domain name, you can then have www.yourdomain.com.my
We can also help you to register one.



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